An international background. A multicultural vision. Brought up in a challenging cultural and political environment in Warsaw, she moves to Brussels where she graduates in architecture at "La Cambre" the post Bauhaus school founded by Henry Van De Velde. A master in Environmental design from MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and an extended professional experience contribute to a passionate approach and interest for architecture, design, art and communication. She moves to Italy where, after a architecture stage with Giancarlo De Carlo, she joins the Corporate Image department of Olivetti in Milan. In 1994 she founds Creative Communications. A passion for modernist furniture, she collects lighting and furniture pieces from the 50ies and 60ies. In 2009 she founds the 20th Century design gallery “Be Modern”, a showcase of iconic Scandinavian, Italian and Brazilian Design and Interior design consultancy. She curates historical and contemporary design exhibitions. Her work has been shown in international decoration magazines such as Elle Decor, Case da Abitare, AD. Monika lives is Milan but, when possible, she spends time at her Liguria country house, studying and working on new interior design projects.